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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all souls. Everything that has ever happened, is happening and can happen is recorded in the Akashic Records. They are a spiritual and higher dimensional ancient journal of one’s soul. I imagine them as a file cabinet filled with information pertaining to my life.

A reading is a sacred process by which the reader is given access after asking permission to “read” the soul information. It is a channeled process where I connect to your higher dimensional beings.  A reading is a form of spiritual healing.


The higher dimensional beings are the Guides, Master Teachers, Guardian Angels and even Loved Ones who have already crossed over, but stay connected with one’s soul throughout many life times. These beings are here to support us and to interpret Divine Intelligence (God) for us as we continue our spiritual and human life path.


This information comes through me, not from me.


A reading can be useful to help you gain clarity, release old patterns that are no longer useful, and assist you in bringing your life into alignment with your highest good. Generally, what is most useful for your growth and empowerment is what will emerge.

  • Explore why things from the past might be holding you back.

  • Figure out what your life purpose is according to you.

  • What is blocking your personal growth?

  • Improve relationships with others.

  • Spiritual Journey – Am I on the right track?

  • Clean up messes from the past.

  • How can I tune into myself better?

  • Confirm instincts and intuition.

This reading is confidential. As with any information you receive, use your own judgment about what feels most useful to you. Allow your own intuition to help you process the information provided as it is important to remember that the Akashic Records help us to feel empowered, and this is the primary intention of a reading.

Prepare for Your Soul Reading
Image by Benjamin Wong
  • Have a list of questions prepared before the reading, however, be aware that during the course of the reading these questions may change.

  • Bring your own digital recording device or pad and pen if you would like to record it or take notes.

  • Phone consultations are 60 min in length.

  • While prescription drugs are acceptable, please abstain from recreational drugs and alcohol just prior (24 hours is best) to the reading as your sobriety will yield greater clarity.

  • Ensuring that you have proper sleep will help you to be in the most receptive state for your reading.

  • Being properly hydrated both before and after your reading is most beneficial. Drink plenty of water.

Possible Questions to Consider
  • What is blocking my growth at this time? What patterns are no longer serving me and how can I release these?

  • Is the path I’m on beneficial to me?

  • Are there patterns in my life that are keeping me from something?

  • What is available to assist me in bringing my relationships, work, goals, more into alignment and make them more harmonious?

  • What is at the root of the block or issue between myself and (my partner, friend, family member)? What is important for me to understand about this and what would assist in bringing healing to this block or issue?

  • What are the gifts that I incarnated with and how can I use them to best serve me in my life right now?

  • The more specific the questions, the clearer the answers will be to you. Focus on asking specifically about career, relationships, family, health, etc.

Benefits of Exploring your Akashic Records
Image by David Tip

You can expect to get clarity after a reading. Depending on the questions you ask and the information provided, you can get assistance with making decisions, feel empowered, connect to your higher self, get validation, readily and easily make changes in your life and have an overall sense of well-being.

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